• Present - Continued Growth

    To enhance the corporation's mission, and to further specialize its business, we organized different subsidiaries of LIBCAP Group namely: LIBCAP Holding Corporation, LIBCAP Super Express Corporation, LIBCAP Marketing Corporation, LIBCAP International Philippines Corporation, LIBCAP Brokerage Corporation, LIBCAP Logistics Corporation, and LIBCAP Lending Corporation. Our company employs about 300 competent personnel who are willing to serve you all the time and equipped with at least 150 motorcycle and vans used in the operation.

    As time goes, we aim to continue our growth, develop a strong organization and introduce innovative ideas to improve our facilities and services. In the long stretch of years that the company has been providing quality service, it has gained the trust and approval of its clients which include government offices, banks and other private companies across the country. Competitiveness in the Philippine industry is not only our goal, but globally as well and at the same time help the country through employment.

  • 1994 - Gold Awardee

    LIBCAP is a consistent awardee of PAL, garnering its highest merit as Gold Awardee during the 2004 PAL Awards. It has a long-standing partnership with other biggest airline companies in the country namely: Cebu Pacific and Air Philippines.
  • 1993 - Official airfreight and cargo agent of the Philippine Airlines (PAL)

    LIBCAP became an official airfreight and cargo agent of the Philippine Airlines (PAL) and remains to be at the top 5 positions in terms of Performance in the country. LIBCAP is a consistent awardee of PAL.
  • 1992 - Computerization

    The advent of technology paved the way to computerization at LIBCAP Head Office.
  • 1985 - LIBCAP Super Express or LSE was born

    In May 1985, due to the slowdown of the trading business caused by the downfall of the sugar industry, Libcap Marketing Corporation or LMC diversified its products. LIBCAP Super Express or LSE was born which became the messengerial and freight forwarding division of the company. It was created to provide faster forwarding services to its mother company as well as to the rest of the Filipino community. Its operation started with only three branches namely: Manila representing Luzon, Iloilo for Visayas and Davao for Mindanao. Today, LSE has branches in almost all key cities within the Philippines with complete fleet to support its nationwide and international operation. Agent centers and drop centers are also positioned in strategic areas all over the country.
  • The vision of a great man comes into a reality through perseverance and strong determination when LIBCAP Group as it is known today continuously and successfully creates a niche in the business industry. Mr. Jose G. Mondragon, its proprietor and General Manager, pioneered it. It started as a trading industry selling industrial tools to sugar centrals way back in 1976 under the business name Iloilo Marketing Center (IMC) which later changed under the tradename LIBCAP Marketing Corporation coined from the Zodiac signs of Mr. & Mrs. Mondragon ``Libra and Capricorn``. It was incorporated as a trading and marketing company registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission on April 24, 1980.

LIBCAP founded in 1980