The company continuously seeks leadership potentials from the employees. One needs to have the drive to keep on moving to achieve his dream. Having an ambition would make an employee aim for something bigger and higher, because their present status will not hinder them from achieving their goals.  When you work in achieving your ambition, it does not always result to a positive outcome, sometimes we fail. But, what makes us stand out is our ability to never give up despite the failures we have. We won’t give up till we achieve our goal in life and work.


To be selfless is to learn how to work with others. Being able to work with your team in a harmonious manner is essential in our career. Getting well with people gives us connection and ensures that we will have helped when we need it the most.  Being a team player and understanding the roles of each person in your team is also essential because you need that knowledge to be able to successfully lead your team one day.


LIBCAP prides itself for being simple and efficient.  The employees in the company are resourceful in a way that they can use all available resources whenever needed. Recycling the office supplies such as bond papers and other docs are essential to minimize cost in the office. Being cost efficient is also a trait valued in most employees since it enables the management to understand how an employee utilizes his available resources.  Believe that in having less is having more.


LIBCAP values LOYALTY. For an employee to show his/her loyalty and dedication is to be sincere in all the work and tasks given to him/her. An employee who is can do his work efficiently and effectively thus helping the company grow. Having the dedication in one’s job also paves way for future promotions and personal development for an employee.


We are all faced with many distractions and problems. Being STEADFAST means you are strong even when there are problems that come your way. You will do your best to finish your assigned task even when there are many distractions.