"When we say service, we mean service"

At LIBCAP Super Express, there's no such thing as too far or too difficult because when something that means so much to you means so much to us too.

That is why we deliver your shipments with utmost care, and with the service that cost so less, it's affordable. It's one way of saying we value you as you value those who are close to you.

And to serve you better we have:

Door to door delivery like
you're just next door!

With the cheapest rates and
and fastest service.

The Air and Sea Freight Forwarding services
offered by LIBCAP Super Express are
designed by the experienced cargo professionals
to ease the communication flow
and accelerate decision making among
all parties in a supply chain.

LIBCAP caters your need to deliver documents
and packages within your locality.

May it be letters, invitations, reports,
statement of accounts,
packages, etc. Call us and we will deliver.


Money transfer in a BLITZ!

With LIBCAP's Super Peso Transfer,
sending your money on time is easy, cheap, and
reliable... so what could you ask for?