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Please come in and feel free to browse our site! Our family is here to serve you with our many services. Our company is committed to delivering only top-quality service.

LIBCAP's company is scattered nationwide reaching out internationally via its partnership with other companies worldwide making LIBCAP accessible anywhere you want anytime.

"What We Are"

The companies that make the LIBCAP circle

Marketing Corporation

Marketing is the heart of a business while it can change your customers’ perspective and generate value to your products and services. At LIBCAP Marketing Corporation, we have confidence and commitment to provide you the best marketing services! Your success is our goal.

Super Express Corporation

A forwarding company that delivers its shipments like there's no tomorrow. LIBCAP Super Express (LSE) is the messengerial and freight forwarding division of LIBCAP Group since the start of its operations back in 1985 . It was created to provide faster forwarding services to its mother company as well as to the rest of the Filipino community.

Logistics Corporation

Welcome to LIBCAP Logistics Corporation total logistics solutions, a leading provider of freight transportation, logistics, and supply chain management services with operations and services worldwide. LIBCAP Logistics Corporation has established a reputation for exceptional customer service, innovative solutions and consistently reliable service.

International Philippines Corporation

Welcome to LIBCAP International Philippines Corporation.

Brokerage Corporation

We are committed to provide importers with the most efficient, accurate and cost-effective customs brokerage services available internationally. Through an extensive network of offices located at both strategic border crossings and major inland ports, LIBCAP Brokerge Corporation provides immediate customs clearance of shipments arriving by all modes of transport at any points.

Holding Corporation

Along with the reorganization program of LIBCAP, LIBCAP Holding Corporation (LHC) was created to be the mother company of all subsidiary corporations. It banks on its competent staff spearheaded by experienced and efficient Board of Directors and Division Heads. LIBCAP Holding Corporation upholds personnel development and benefit programs to enhance employee's skills and proficiencies. It also instills customer-service oriented values to provide excellent service to clients.

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